Fear Based Leadership

A. Kerem Köseoğlu
2 min readDec 15, 2020


Well, that was a homework for me in an online course. I liked it so i decided to publish. Feel free to comment or make additions!

This type of leadership is very common for long lasting companies (aged companies) where you get things done with old school way. It is common in aged companies because owners of these companies trust on the experienced leaders, and these leaders do nothing different from their previous leaders: rule with fear.

Sometimes the job pushes themselves to this type of leadership or the entire thing they know is this type of leadership; but they also know that it is easy to apply this leadership style, because you got the power and you can show the “bat” every time you want to rule. People will afraid and follow with their born reflex. Opposite of this leadership style is convincing or inspiring people, which is always harder.

It is even common in series Game Of Thrones of HBO, the queen Cersei is ruling with fear because his father did it for whole his life. Being powerful is not something that you can buy from market; instead, you push people to make you powerful. That is what happens when you lead with fear; people make you feel powerful.

This type of leadership is popular because of the culture of company, this style is common for more worker class jobs like factories, heavy-duty jobs etc. I think it is because it is harder to fear creative and highly educated people.

There are disadvantages of this leadership style; like gossiping from your back and form groups that does not support you (but fear you!). Even people disagree with ideas of this type of leadership, they never say that in public, instead they gossip. And that damage to whole company…

Every leader needs feedback and when only available information are hidden in gossips, you start to listen whispers (Lord Varys, Little Finger etc.) and rule with information that came from whispers. Such a pity that when you listen whispers; you only hear 10% of the true information, rest is some others opinion, like who carried that whisper to you.

Another trait of these type of leaders that they stick to each other (same kind of leader) a lot. They empower people who similar to them, I believe that is the way they feel safe. Because they know what empowered one will do, they could not have control for other type of leaders, they are unpredictable.

As a sum up; in a world that is evolving; leadership styles must evolve too. Let’s bring future to our companies and change the way we rule.




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